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Project Description

This combination of hardware and software is what I use to program 30f2010, 30f4011, and 30f4012 pics I have used in various projects. It can be used to program the pic chips in either of the on board 28 or 40 pins sockets or a small flying lead can be used to connect to the ICSP socket on specially designed dspic boards. The programmer interfaces to a linux PC via a parallel port connection and requires 15-18vdc from an external power supply ( I use my bench supply ). To use the programmer, build a hex file using the Microchip IDE system and then issue the command

sudo dspicprg -f dspic-servo.hex
I run the program through sudo as it requires permissions to write to the parallel port. This work was heavily derived from the project documented at http://www.baycom.org/~tom/dspic/ (link no longer valid) I added the eagle pcb layout and some minor software changes to get things working on my system. Thankyou to Thomas Sailer and Homer Reid for their earlier work on the dspic programming system for linux.

Note: the pcb milling files linked below have a connection between TP15 and TP2. You will need to cut this connection and rewire the connection to match the eagle schematic and board layout files. You can also regenerate the milling files using the pcb-to-gcode.ulp program used with eagle. This change was discovered during testing of my prototype board.

Note: If you substitute 2n3904/3906 or 2n4401/4403 transistors, pay attention to the fact that the lead pinouts for the packages are different. The transistors need to be inserted with the flat side opposite to the layout drawing.

System Requirements

Linux distribution using a 2.6 kernel (Tested on Ubuntu Dapper).

Electrical Drawing(s)

Schematic Drawing - dspic-pgmr-schematic.png(50K)
PCB Xray View - dspic-pgmr-layout.png(29K)
Eagle PCB file - dspic-pgmr.sch(254K)
Eagle PCB file - dspic-pgmr.brd(23K)

Source Code

C Project - dspicprg-lg-25-sept-2006.tgz(170K)
EMC bottom drill file - dspicprgbd.ngc(4K)
EMC bottom mill file - dspicprgbot.ngc(136K)

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