Efinix FPGA Development Notes

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Fireant Development Kit
Fireant T8 Development Kit

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Project Description

This is the story of getting started with Efinix FPGA devices and development environment running under Arch linux. This is the process I used at the end of 2022 so please view this only as a resource that may help one getting set up in your particular development environment. In the tech world, hardware, software, web addresses and operating systems tend to change rapidly. I like to document my progress on new adventures as it is quite likely I may have to repeat the process on new hardware or assist someone setting up a development system.

Efinix provides a free development environment for its FPGA line that has versions for windows or linux. To get access to the development software, you must buy a qualified development board containing one of the Efinix FPGAs. The least expensive board I found is called the Fireant ($30USD,50$Cdn). This is a T8 fpga, USB programmer, 2 user switches, 4 user LEDs and a bunch of 3.3V I/O on 40 Pin board suitable for plugging into a prototype board. It requires, no external components to get started and can be powered via the USB programming cable. If you need a grander introduction board, Efinix has quite a variety of Trion development boards with Trion T8, T20 and T120 fpgas. See https://www.efinixinc.com/products-devkits.html

Step by Step

After the IDE Installation Notes

Projects are stored in the /home/yourusername/efinity/2022.1/project folder... ie. /home/yourusername/efinity/2022.1/project/FA-blinky

Hex images for programming are found in the outflow directory of a project... ie. /home/yourusername/efinity/2022.1/project/FA-blinky/outflow/blinky.hex.

Be patient... it can take from a minute to "a long time" to build a project depending on its complexity. I am using a 4 core intel I7 from 2013 with 16Gb of memory which is pretty much the minimum recommended development box.

Development can be done in VHDL or Verilog or as a mixture within a project. I am still trying to wrap my mind around which environment seems to work best for me.

When starting a new project for the Fireant, you will need to know the FPGA part family (Trion), the device (T8F81) and the timing Model (C2).

To check a project for properly defined I/O:


Main Efinix web page: https://www.efinixinc.com
Fireant FPGA Board: https://www.mouser.ca/ProductDetail/392-CS-FIREANT-01
Efinix Development Boards: https://www.efinixinc.com/products-devkits.html
Jeffs T35 fpga board project: https://github.com/s100projects/T35_FPGA_MODULE
Efinix IDE downloads: https://www.efinixinc.com/support/efinity.php
Info and verilog examples for the fireant https://github.com/jungle-elec/FireAnt
Quick start guide for fireant: https://github.com/jungle-elec/FireAnt/wiki/FireAnt-Quick-Start-Guide
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