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Project Description

This project implements an intelligent LED lamp controller that is used as a replacement for incandescent bulbs in a camper or recreational vehicle. The controller board plugs in in place of standard 1141 bayonet bulbs and uses less than 1/10th the power. This light provides numerous advantages over the traditional bulb especially for dry camping where every watt of power used is important. This project also makes an excellent emergency lamp when combined with a gell cell battery. This project has been prototyped and tested over the past year. I do not have circuit boards or kits for building this project but it is simple enough to be built on a breadboard.



The normal configuration is with three jumpers installed on the left hand 3 sets of pins.

einstein controller

Project Files

Eagle 4.13 PCB drawing file - camper-lite.sch(236K)
Eagle 4.13 PCB board file - camper-lite.brd(21.4K)
PNG Image of Drawing - einstein.png(28K)
PIC assembler source code - ultralite.asm(21.9K)

System Requirements

The source code can be compiled using the free microchip IDE environment under windows or using the gp_utils package (gpasm assembler) under linux. The PIC microcontroller is programmed using the in circuit programming capabilities of the PIC chip. You will need to build or buy an in circuit programmer that supports the 16F627. See PIC 16F627 programmer and software for Linux.

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