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Finished Car Port

Side view showing roof details.

Living on the west coast means there is a lot of rain in the fall and winter months. Both our cars sit out in the weather year round and both have sprung leaks as the cars have aged. I looked at various options for portable shelters or garage packages and found that the reputation for the cloth/canvas/vinyl topped structures was a bit sketchy when it comes to survival in the sun and snow. I had the additional complication of the parking locations for the vehicles being anything but level. Thus, this project was born. With a little welding and and a few lengths of 2" steel tubing, I built a couple of structures that keep the rain and sun off the vehicles. Total cost for this project is around $1500 and takes about a week of part time work. This design has not been reviewed by a structural engineer and may or may not be suitable in your environment. This article is not presented as a step by step construction project, but as a collection of ideas you may be able to use to solve portable shelter needs in your area. Please check with your local building authority to determine what regulations or permits that may apply to structures such as this.

Some of the bits and pieces cut and drilled

Supplies and Equipment Needed

Design Considerations

Assembly Progress

Top of truss and purlin brackets tacked together.

Trusses being slipped onto torque tubes.

Roof subassembly together and painted.

Purlins cut, primed and painted.

Legs cut and placed.

Holes were drilled into the driveway and 1/2" galvanized bolts were grouted in to anchor the bottom of each leg.

Lots of headroom on sloped ground.

These project ideas are adapatable to various uses. I would already like to build a couple more for use as a boat storage area and as a covered firewood storage area with removable side panels.

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