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Finished LED Conversion

I have had poor luck running dual 4' fluorescent tube in my unheated garage. Tube and ballast life have been marginal. This could be caused by low quality tubes or by environmental issues. With all the current promotion of conversion to LED lighting, I decided to try an experiment and do a home brew LED conversion. I decided I wanted to to reuse the existing enclosure and simply strip out the ballast and tube mounting sockets and replace the gear with LED strip lighting, powered by a 12V supply. Total cost for this project is around $20 and takes about an hour.

Supplies and Equipment Needed

Stuff to Order

Visit your favorite online supplier (ebay, Amazon) or if you are lucky enough to have a local electronics store, you will need to purchase a 5 meter roll of LED strip and a power supply. The strip I used has the following characteristics: 12vdc, 5630 type LEDs, 60 LEDs/meter, cool white, 5 meter length. The power supply I used was an inline 12 volt 6 Amp adapter similar to a laptop power supply (model LX1206 or similar).

How Its Done

If you are not comfortable with wiring line voltage appliances, please consult someone who is. Shocks are not pleasant and the side effects (like falling off a ladder) can be particularly bad news.

Strips mounted and wired

Strips Energized

Fixture Energized

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