Using a PG2C to Program DSPIC Processors

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Project Description

I have been using the Olimex PG2C serial programmer for programming a lot of different PICS. Having recently started using DSPIC 30F series processors, I found that these did not program in the PG2C on board socket. Upon investigation, there were a few pin conflicts that needed to be resolved. Rather than trash my PG2C, I built a small adapter board that connects to the PG2C via the ICSP cable. All the required signals are on the ICSP (In Circuit Serial Progarmming) cable. This web page documents the adapter for the dspic 30f4011. Similar adapters can be made for the 28 pin dspics.

System Requirements

Electrical Drawing(s)

Schematic Drawing - 30f4011-sch.png(18K)
PCB Xray View - 30f4011-brd.png(6K)
Eagle 4 PCB file - 30f4011.sch(85K)
Eagle 4 PCB file - 30f4011.brd(9K)

Source Code

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