Icom Rig Interface by VE7IT

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Project Description

This project resulted from my frustration using commercial interface boxes between my linux computer and the several models of Icom radios I own. This interface replaces an Icom CT-17 level converter box, a rigblaster sound interface, a CW keying interface, an isolation transformer for the line out audio from the computer soundcard and a carrier or squelch detetction buffer. To keep the cable clutter to a minimum and to eliminate a lot of connectors, most of the cables have a hardwired connection to the interface box. The exception is the rig interface cable. The rig interface cable was made in several versions to match up with the 8 pin round Icom mic connectors and the newer RJ45 style mic connectors. The interface has RF bypassing on all pines in and out of the box. The interface is powered from the 8 volt supply available on all the Icom mic connectors.


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System Requirements

Electrical Drawing(s)

Eagle 4.1 Project File - IC706-IFa.sch(11k)
Eagle 4.1 Project File - IC706-IFb.sch(213k)
Cables Dwg - cables.png(38k)
Schematic Dwg - schematic.png(35k)

Source Code

None required. For linux ham applications, the following 3 packages are fantasic and work well together:
gmfsk - A multimode soundcard modem MFSK16, MFSK8, RTTY, Throb, PSK31, PSK63, MT63, Feldhell
xlog - A full featured log program for linux
hamlib - Ham radio rig control libraries
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