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Project Description

This project is a computer to radio interface cable that is used to program several models of Uniden VHF and UHF two way radios. It is used in conjunction with dos software known as unipro made by Uniden. I have tested this cable with a 16 channel UHF SPU416K handheld radio and the 99 channel UHF SPU554KT handheld radio. This interface plugs into the dual jack on the side/top of the handheld ( 2.5mm and a 3.5mm mono jacks ) and a serial port on a computer. It converts to and from the computer RS232 and the TTL (5 volt) logic levels used by the radio. The convertor is powered by an external DC supply 8-15vdc. The circuit is not original. I found it during a google search and designed a small PCB to hold the combination of surface mount and through hole parts. The left hand connector is a standard 8 wire serial cable that plugs into the PC (CD not used). The right hand connector is part of an old tape recorder microphone that I found in the local thrift shop. The connector just happened to have the right size and spacing of the 2 mono audio jacks needed to fit the radio.

pcb layout

System Requirements

A computer that can run a DOS boot disk and the Uniden unipro software, a compatible radio and the cable. You will have to locate the Uniden programming software on the internet or make inquiries directly to Uniden. Note that this software does NOT run under WinXP dos mode. You need to make a DOS boot disk, put the programming files on the disk, and then boot the real dos mode disk. The programming files will fit on a 1.44mb floppy with the bare DOS OS.

Supported Radios

Programming Notes for the SPU416K

Electrical Drawing(s)

Eagle PCB File - uniden-prog.sch(208K)
Eagle Board File - uniden-prog.brd(15.6K)
Schematic File - uniden-prog-schematic.png(30K)

Source Code

No code required.

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