Z80 Software Source Code

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Project Description

This page has download links to sources for various pieces of software that I have worked on and customized, produced from scratch, or great packages I have built from sources.. You may find some of the bits and pieces useful. These packages are all configured for the FPGA_Z80 board running my custom FPGA image based on Grant Searles work. Download links are at the bottom of this page.

Source Code

Source Code - DS1305.C (21K) - utility to test operation of DS1305 RTC via bit banged SPI
Source Code - CWTUTOR2.ASM (43K) - morse code receive training
Source Code - SCBTIME.ASM (5K) - display CPM3 time variables from system control block (SCB)
Source Code - FIND.ASM (8K) - A utility like grep. Finds a specified string in a range of files
Source Code - U2CPM.C (3K) - A utility that converts line endings to match the CPM standard (CRLF)
Source Code - KERMIT.ZIP (200K) - Classic computer to computer file transfer program
Source Code - XMODEM.ZIP (31K) - Another classic computer to computer file transfer program
Source Code - LS.ASM (60K) - A very nice disk file listing command (similar to CPM3 DIR)
Source Code - LIFE.C (4K) - A fun block graphics version of John Conways game.
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