FPGA_Z80 Serial Interface

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Project Description

This project is an alternate console serial interface for the FPGA_Z80 board. Instead of using a USB convertor board, the 3V3 signals from the FPGA are interfaced to a MAX3232 chip on a small proto board in a 3D printed enclosure. As an added features, LED indicators are available for monitoring the status of the data and RTS/CTS hardware handshaking lines. A short extention cable is used from a header that plugs into the FPGA_Z80 board out to the enclosure containing the level converter logic. This allows a standard straight through serial cable to be used to connect back to the PC serial port.


System Requirements

A couple of small pieces of proto board, a few parts and access to a 3D printer if you need an enclosure.

Electrical Drawing(s)

Schematic File - fpga_rs232-hwhs.pdf (948kB)
Openscad Project - fpga_rs232.scad (7.5kB)
3D STL file - fpga_rs232.stl (366kB)
Gcode for Lid - fpga_rs232-lid.gcode (1300kB)
Gcode for Body - fpga_rs232-body.gcode (2400kB)

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