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Software and Projects Available From This Site:

CNC Projects:

Lathe Spindle Encoder   CNC - Lathe Spindle Encoder
Buffered Breakout Board CNC - Buffered Parallel Port Breakout Board
lead cannon ball CNC/Fishing Project - Cast your own down rigger balls
Historical CNC Build CNC - A bit of EMC2 history(2001) - How to Get and Build RTLinux kernel and EMC
Stepper Performance CNC - Measuring Stepper Motor Performance

PIC Microcontroller Projects:

16F627-programmer PIC - 16F627/8 programmer and software for Linux.
GPS reference PIC - 10Mhz GPS Locked Frequency Reference Project
lightbar controller PIC - Emergency Lightbar Controller Project
RV LED Controller PIC - RV LED Controller Project
Mouse Recycling PIC - Make Rotary Pulse Generators from PS/2 Mice.
Dspic Programmer PIC - A parallel port ICSP or standalone dspic 30fxxxx programmer and software for Linux.
Dspic Servo PIC - dspic-servo: 6amp +-25 volt DC brushed servo drive for CNC.
pg2c adapter PIC - A Programming Adapter for Using Dspic 30f4011 with the Olimex PG2C

Ham Radio Projects:

maxtrac prog Radio - Motorola Radio RIB Programming Cable
kenwood prog Radio - Kenwood Radio Programming Cable
uniden prog Radio - Uniden Radio RIB Programming Cable
maxtrac repeater Radio - Cable/Mods to Make a Repeater from 2 Maxtrac Radios
phoenix eprom Radio - GE Phoenix SX EEPROM Conversion
phoenix x2212 Radio - GE Phoenix SX X2212 EEPROM Programmer and Software
Icom rig interface Radio - An Icom Rig Control Interface (CT-17 + Audio)
6M Five Eigths Antenna Radio - 6M (50Mhz) Five Eigths Antenna
Boefeng Handheld Radio - Baofeng UV-5R Handheld Notes

Test Equipment Projects:

esr meter Test Equipment - An In Circuit Capacitor ESR Tester
vector network analyzer Test Equipment - VNA / Antenna Analyzer
rs232 to 3.3v Test Equipment - A RS232 Serial to 3.3v Level Convertor
VNA Test Equipment - EU1KY 0.5 to 450MHz VNA antenna analyzer mods

Assorted Projects:

gutter sucker Home Maintenance - Gutter-Sucker, A 'no climb' gutter cleaning idea
led conversion Dual 4' Fluorescent Tube Led Conversion
moose jerky Smoked Moose Jerky

Welding Projects:

minibike Welding Project - An off road mini-bike
garage Welding Project - A Portable Garage/Carport/Boatshed

Linux Notes:

glade project Note: Rebuilding Glade Projects
arch-update-boot-failure.txt Note: rolling back arch linux updates

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Custom Hardware, Software or Systems Design Services

The author has close to 40 years of experience in micro/mini computer applications in the industrial arena. Specialties include 3D object scanning, optimization software, sensor interfacing, machine control, embedded controllers and network applications. Services include project definition, prototype design construction and testing, single and 2 sided PCB layout and generation of project documentation. Programming languages include assembler, C, C++, gcode and python for products targeted for embedded controllers, Linux, Unix, DOS, WIN95/98 and Win NT 4.0. Since 2000 the majority of my activity has been in microcontroller and linux open source projects. The author has been registered in Alberta and BC as a P.Eng (Professional Engineer), but is currently enjoying retired life.

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Who We Are and Where to Find Us

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my face Lawrence P. Glaister VE7IT
Automation Engineer
1462 Madrona Drive
Nanoose Bay B.C.
Canada V9P 9C9
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